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Screensaver Mechanical clock Categories: Clock
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Beautiful clocks attracted people at all times. There are many famous persons engaged in collecting these mechanisms allowing us to watch the march of time. And indeed, working mechanism of a clock, moving of pendulum, hands, theirs soft ticking influence enchantingly on a person. The animated screensaver «Mechanical clock» will turn the monitor of your computer into a magnificent clockwork which incessantly works. The ancient dial, marvellous hands and beautiful pendulum will become the main ornament for your desktop. Now you may be envied by most collectors, because such a wonderful clock with ideal clockwork is yet to seek.

Comments on "Mechanical clock screensaver"

ali ( 2011.03.16 )
  je vue t?l?charger  
Morgana ( 2011.11.16 )
  ? davvero carino, ma per il desktop richiede una registrazione... ma dove si effettua non ho capito!!!  

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