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Screensaver Santa`s workshop 3D Categories: Childish

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The elves are busy assembling gifts and writing cards. A 3D train moves the gifts around the workshop while a squirrel in a wheel delivers the power needed. One little elf stops to warm his hands at the roaring fireplace. Santa is anxious for his big night. The light-hearted Santa music and workshop sounds make the scene come alive. Designed with the latest 3D, camera movement technology this unique screensaver gives you a birds-eye view of all the activity. Your family will be delighted. Become a premium member or purchase the full version, which includes additional scenes of the Santa Claus. Its Santa Claus big night. Watch as the 3D sleigh and reindeers fly through the snowy skies over mountains and rooftops to land on snowy roofs. Santa slips inside to a delightful, cozy family room with a roaring fireplace and decorated tree. Santa unloads his glittering gifts and is off. The picturesque, snowy window is the perfect place to wave good bye. The most realistic Santa screensaver on the Internet. a Christmas must-have.

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