If you have any difficulties in use of our site or you don’t know how to download and install screensaver, this section is created for you. We tried to answer all possible questions and problems concerning downloading and installing of screensaver in details. If you didn’t find answer to your question, please, contact us through Feedback, we’ll help you in the shortest period.

  • How to download screensavers for a desktop?

    First of all you should find screensaver you want to download. Screensavers on our website are in categories as follows – All screensavers, Top-10 and in the category list in left part of the page. Besides you are able to find screensavers using Search or Tags cloud available on any page of our site.

    After you found a screensaver you want to download, click Download button. You will be offered two variants – Launch or Save. If you click Save, you will have an opportunity to choose folder for screensaver to download in. After that you should only wait until downloading of screensavers is completed. If you click Launch button, at once after downloading an installation process of screensaver will be started automatically.

  • How to adjust a screensaver for a desktop?

    Most of screensavers on our website can be adjusted to any liking. To do this, you should go to screensaver selection window in you operating system. After that you press Options button and start screensaver adjusting.

  • What are Tags?

    First of all tags are developed to facilitate information search for computers. However tags can be very useful for people as well. Tag – at most a word or a short word-combination which can characterise an object. Thus, several tags can be applied to one object. For instance, several tags can be added to each screensaver for a desktop. For example we need to describe New Year screensaver on which the New Year tree, snow and forest are shown. In this case the following words and word-combinations can serve as tags - New Year, snow, winter, a New Year tree, etc.

    But how to use them? The main use – selection by tags with a help of Tags cloud. On each page in the left part of our website there is Tags cloud in which all tags that can be found on our site are listed. Choosing any of them you are directed on a page with screensavers in which this word can be found. So, you can quickly find a screensaver through keyword.

    The main difference and advantage of tags in comparison with search is that tags are applied to each screensaver by administrator and contain more exhaustive information about it. Search, in turn, is performed only by a name of screensaver and shows a result only in case of exact or partial match upon request and name of screensaver.

  • Why nothing happens when clicking Add comment or Recommend to a friend buttons?

    For correct work of our website Java Script must be enabled in your web browser. Owing to this technology, easy to use and interesting functions are realised on our site. Use the following helps to enable support.

    If you use Internet Explorer browser:

    • Go to menu "Tools" -> "Internet Options"
    • Select tag "Security"
    • Push button "Custom Level..."
    • In appeared list find a section "Scripting"
    • In subsection "Active Scripting"
    • Put a tick in position "Enable"
    • Click button "ОК"

    If you use Firefox browser:

    • Go to menu "Tools" -> "Options..."
    • Select tag "Content"
    • Select section "Web Feauters" or section "Content"
    • Put a tick in position "Enable JavaScript"
    • Click button "ОК"

    If you use Opera browser:

    • Go to menu "Tools" -> "Preferences..."
    • Select section "Advanced"
    • In left list select "Content"
    • Put a tick on position "Enable JavaScript"
    • Click button "ОК"

    If you want to find out the version of you browser, go to menu "Help" -> "About".
  • How can I receive notification about latests on our website?

    You should sign up for mailing to be always aware of the freshest screensavers on our site. Two types of mailing are available for you – E-mail and RSS.

    You should enter your E-mail address in special field which can be found in left part on any page of our site. After you subscribed for E-mail mailing, permanently you will get selected latests of our site.

    If you want to be aware of all new acquisitions on our site, then RSS mailing is for you. If you sign up for RSS mailing, your browser will check automatically for new acquisitions on our website and notify you of that. We tried to make RSS mailing easy to use as much as possible and owing to it you have an opportunity to sign up not only for latests of the whole site, but also for latests of only concrete category.

    To sign up for mailing of latests of concrete category you should enter the category of your interest and click on RSS icon, which is right behind the name of category. Then the list of all screensavers from category will be displayed, but it’s not enough for signing up. You should find the Sign up button on this page in order to get updates. To sign up for mailing of the whole site you should follow RSS mailing link, which can be found on any page of the site in its left part.

  • How can I add my screensaver on your website?

    If you have got a favorite screensaver, which is not on our site and you want to add it, please, contact us through Feedback.

  • What does "Add screensaver to my tags" mean?

    Recently services of online tags become more and more popular. And it is not surprising, as this is a very handy tool for any user of the Internet. These services offer you to save links on your favourite websites, and have an accessibility to them from any computer. To add a tag in one of online tags services you must be registered in it.


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